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>>> Wednesday, 2014-10-08
Together For Rivers
In Romania where the ESFALP team presented their school projects they started also to plan activities for the ESFALP River Action Day on 2nd October 2014!

And here are the results! 

Take a look at their river actions! It´s amazing to see the different 33 activities all over 11 countries.

"Together for Rivers" was the slogan of more than 1000 young people on the same day!  
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>>> Tuesday, 2014-07-08
ESFALP initiatives continue - on October 2nd all teams join forces on River Action Day
The wave of enthusiasm generated by the ESFALP 6 teams will find new ways to manifest, this autumn, in an original initiative focusing on Europe's rivers.

On the 2nd of October 2014, all 33 ESFALP teams will join forces for the environment, during an event called River Action Day. The initiative has a regional scope, and with local interventions. Every team will develop a one-day project aiming to diminish river pollution in their area.

The teams are united not only by the common goal, but also by a common slogan - Together for Rivers.

*Together was the way that participants worked in developing various slogan proposals and also democratically voting for the version which best represented them.

The inspiration for the project came from participants closeness to rivers. They also had the help of WWF freshwater expert, Cristian Tetelea, who held a presentation at the Final Event.

More useful information about Rivers can be found in this brochure (also available for download): River Ecology  

Stay tuned for updates on the exciting River Action Day!
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>>> Thursday, 2014-06-12
ESFALP 6 Final Event - 2-5 June 2014 in Romania's mountains
The ESFALP 6 cycle had its final meeting of the school-team representatives in June 2014, 2nd to 5th, in Romania's Carpathian mountains, namely Moieciu de Sus village, Brasov county, not far from Bran or what people usually call Dracula's castle. And here are all the event photos Photo Album  

As this is a place filled with stories, the ESFALP 6 Final Event had the purpose of bringing together the stories of all 33 teams from 11 countries, who worked during the school year 2013/2014 to develop and implement amazing school projects in their home communities. The projects can be read in the ESFALP 6 Project Brochure available at this link: 2014-06-04 00:00:00, ESFALP 6 school projects - get inspired! 

The Final Event took place over three full days. Days full of the joy to reconnect, of shared experiences, of reflection, of planning for the future, and, of course, fun!

During the first day participants organized a display of their projects. For the opening of the projects exhibition they were invited to a creative opening ceremony (or vernissage), where they also recieved as a surprise-gift the ESFALP 6 Projects Brochure. After this, everyone sat down and watched in a very relaxed cinema setting, the videoclips produced by each team to advertise the projects. Truly inspiring!

Day 2 was focused on looking back, reflecting, learning and sharing. Reflection is an extremely important part of any learning and developing process and it can go through moments similar to those of a boat trip - from sunny days and a-ha moments to "rough waters". In the end, everyone returns from the trip with memories and useful tips for the future.

Day 3 made the transition from the past towards the future. Teams started planning for a new exciting activity, to take their wave of energy forward. With input from WWF River expert, Cristian Tetelea, the 66 participants, teachers and students, started developing ideas for the River Action Day that will take place on October 2nd, 2014.

During the entire event, enthusiasm and energy were the defining general state. They were created together by 66 amazing participants and by the smiling organization team and their special guests - Robin Gosejohann from ERSTE Foundation, Luminita Tanasie from WWF-Romania.
What added to the great mood was the natural background and outdoor games, the trip to Bran caste, the rhythm of African drums on the celebration evening, the party organized by the participants themselves (as artists, decorators and DJs), the party on the last evening with an ESFALP cake and lots of dancing.

The ESFALP team is honored to have celebrated together with the ESFALP 6 amazing 33 teams, and congratulates everyone who got up and got active!

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Lenka @ 2014-06-16 @ 05:58 PM
Thank you.
Zoli @ 2014-06-13 @ 04:09 PM
It was unforgettable!
>>> Wednesday, 2014-06-04
ESFALP 6 school projects - get inspired!
During the school year 2013/2014 the 6th edition of "European Schools for a Living Planet" got together 33 teams from 11 countries.

The teams - students and teachers - planned and implemented environmental projects in their home-communities, on topics such as Rivers, Species (ex. bats), Ecological Footprint, Active Citizenship.

Along the year the teams did field work, scientific research, creative activities (from workshops to theater plays), original awareness campaigns (from flash mobs to offering one apple in exchange for a cigarette), talked to local authorities and also reached out to the broad public by getting media attention.

Get inspired by these amazing projects and continue the rippling effect by taking further their trust in a sustainable future!

All projects are detailed in the ESFALP 6 Projects Brochure, available for download: esfalp_vi_projects_brochure-web.pdf
( PDF-Document, 5,37 MB)
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>>> Thursday, 2013-10-03
ESFALP 6 begins with a very active Academy in Illmitz, Austria
During the 5 days between the 27th of September and the 2nd of October, the village of Illmitz bordering Neusiedlersee National Park in eastern Austria was particularly lively. It hosted the international group of 33 students and teachers coming from 11 countries in the region in order to receive training and inspiration for future environmental projects they will lead in their home communities.

What brought this lively international group together? The 6th Academy of the European Schools for a Living Planet program, organized by WWF with the support of ERSTE Foundation.

The event was focused on training participants on environmental topics and on practical ways to take action for the environment.

Thus, every day in the agenda was built around one main theme, as follows -
  • Footprint Day: Ecological Footprint – Consumption’s global effects
    Active Citizenship: Get active and Inspire others
    Danube Day: Danube – Europe’s lifeline
    Project Day: 7 steps in Project Management

Besides the content, the program focused also on building
- leadership skills in the students, and coaching skills in the teachers
- presentation and facilitation skills, focused on non-formal education methods
- favorable attitude towards sustainability
- connection to nature and connections within the ESFALP network

As a symbol of "sustainability in action", the ESFALP 6 participants could experience a whole range of alternative eco-friendly transportation solutions, that tell the story of the Academy ...

... bicycle
@ on the way to the Neusiedlersee National Park

... boat
@ Donau Auen National Park

... carriage
@ on the way to Seewninkelhof, at the WWF Austria education center

... floating platform
@ Donau Auen National Park

Field trips, fun and creativity were some of the special ingredients that made the ESFALP 6 Academy an unforgettable event for all!

An event filled with L O V E
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>>> Tuesday, 2013-06-11
ESFALP 5 final event - amazing projects and enthusiasm for the future
The 2012/2013 edition of ESFALP had its official closing ceremony on June 5th-8th 2013, in Moieciu de Sus, Brasov county, Romania - the heart of the Carpathians, in the vicinity of Bucegi Natural Park and Bran "Dracula" castle.

The 33 teams representing 9 countries gathered together to present and exchange their year's work and their amazing projects.

The description of all projects can be downloaded from the link below, as they are collected in a brochure to serve as inspiration to all active schools:
( PDF-Document, 5,25 MB)

The event was structured around
a projects exhibition, launched within a festive vernissage
a day dedicated to projects presentations and participants voting of best practices
reflection and celebration day

All of these were "spiced" with creative and fun activities, camp fire, birthday cake, nature connection, visiting local sights, drumming and party!

The ESFALP team thanks all teams for their amazing work and wishes them all to keep up the enthusiasm for future initiatives!

And here are some impressions from the Final Event, in order to walk you through the atmosphere in Moieciu de Sus:

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>>> Monday, 2013-06-03
Application for a new ESFALP round 2013 / 2014 !
European Schools For A Living Planet (ESFALP) is an exciting intercultural and international network of teachers and young people from 11 European countries who are taking action in their communities for a more fair and sustainable world.

Participants come from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

Are you a teacher of 13 - 16 year old students?
Join the international network of schools who are taking action for the environment! Please find more infomation in the flyer below and send us your application!  Deadline: 9th of July!
( PDF-Document, 794,90 kB)

Read this!
The 33 schollprojects of ESFALP 5: esfalp_v_-_web_small.pdf
( PDF-Document, 5,23 MB)

Watch this!
An inspirational video from the Final Event 2012 in Romania:
Final Event 2012  

Thank you!
We thank the ERSTE Stiftung  for their continued and generous support they provide to make ESFALP thrive!

If you have questions please contact Danica Bauer  Thank you!
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>>> Tuesday, 2013-02-05
Letter to myself
Did you receive your letters?

Catalina did. And she found these nice thoughts:
"no matter how stressful the situation you are in, don't forget to play (...) laugh, listen to music, and enjoy yourself, like a child"

Remember the nice days in October. See below just a few photos.


And much more here: Click here  
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Svetlana Kalajdzic @ 2013-04-08 @ 04:58 PM
Fabulous experiences and memories from Illmitz!!
Daniela Katsarova @ 2013-03-22 @ 10:01 AM
I've also received my letter. It was very exciting to read it. Thanks a lot for the nice experience that you've given us by writing letters to ourselves and keeping alive the wonderful memories from Illmitz.
Slobodanka Kitanovska @ 2013-02-05 @ 06:31 PM
I also received my letter today ! The feeling is great! I remember the days in Illmitz with pleasure. :)
>>> Wednesday, 2012-12-19
Merry Xchange and a Happy New Year!
Dear ESFALPers,

During the holiday season we always like to think of our friends and families. And we, the ESFALP team, are thinking of you, our ESFALP friends with whom we learned together, we worked together, we celebrated together.

We thank you for being active, enthusiastic and visionaries and for getting involved in our common mission to create a future worth living.

We wish you
Merry Xchange of ideas
Xcellent projects  
& a Happy New Year!

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Aleksandra Stojkovic @ 2012-12-20 @ 11:36 PM
Dear ESFALP friends,
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas from Aleksinac!
Svetlana Novicic @ 2012-12-20 @ 09:06 PM
Dear ESFALP friends thank you for your wonderful wishes and we wish you a fruitful and active New Year.
OS"Vojislav Voka Savic"Lazarevac
>>> Thursday, 2012-11-15
ESFALP. A poem
This is a poem about ESFALP, written at the Academy in October 2012, by Angela Ransdorf, a teacher at the Wiedner Gymnasium, Vienna Austria.

Angela Ransdorf captured the essence of ESFALP in a sensitive and musical manner and moved us all with her elegant and heart-felt reading. Thank you, Angela!

Although the panda is a bear from Asia
It made people meet from Moldavia to Croatia.
It was in Illmitz where we met
Most of us haven’t been here yet.
Our motivation brought us here
From many countries far and near.

We learned that our countries are very sweet –
Then we had got enough to eat!
In different ways we learned to greet
By moving strangely our feet.

We played a lot of games and we found out:
It’s not only the students who are loud!
We needed more than just one hand
For building a functioning wetland.
We laid the Danube with a rope
For realizing that it needs new hope.

Not to get the future out of sight
Our footprints should be light –
So we shared a vegetarian lunch,
Which didn’t stop us being a merry bunch!

Merriness accompanied us everywhere
Because we had a lot to share:
The river Danube – so to say –
Connected us in some way.

So we are like the stones in my hands
Brought here by a river from different lands.
We may be big, we may be small,
The river Danube concerns us all.

Every stone is a piece of art
And plays its own important part
To change things in its own place
To present the world with a new face.

Everyone is of a special kind
And that’s what we will keep in mind:
Everyone of us has got to be respected;
We all are and we’ll always stay connected.

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Sylvia @ 2012-12-14 @ 10:10 PM
Congratulations, Angela! You're a gr8 writer!
Vesna Novicic @ 2012-11-18 @ 01:25 PM
I enjoyed reading a poem. Thank you for that. :)
>>> Saturday, 2012-10-27
ESFALP 5 Academy - good memories
Between the 22nd and the 27th of October 2012, 33 teacher-student teams traveled from 9 countries to join the ESFALP 5 Academy, in Illmitz, Austria.

The purpose of the Academy is to train participants and prepare them for the upcoming projects, to motivate and inspire them to get active for the Earth and to create a network of active citizens across the region.

You will find details about the main Topics and the presentations used by our experts here Topics 

For a closer look at the Academy's program and photos, visit the page Academy 2013 

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>>> Tuesday, 2012-10-16
Goodbye ESFALP IV, welcome ESFALP V
Active teens and teachers from Central Eastern Europe continue writing together the history of ESFALP, "European Schools for a Living Planet"!

In September 2012 we said "Goodbye" to ESFALP IV at the last event of this learning cycle : the ESFALP IV Best Practice Camp!

The camp was a reward and further environmental leadership training for the four schools whose projects were voted "Best practice projects" by the participants of ESFALP IV. The camp took place in Straja, in Romania's southern Carpathians between the 17th and the 22nd of September 2012 and combined adventure learning with nature and experiential learning.

In October 2012 we welcome the teacher-student tandems representing the schools selected to take part in ESFALP V, 2012-2013.

From a pool of 140 applicants, 33 schools were selected to represent their respective 9 countries in ESFALP V. One teacher and one student from each school will take part in the ESFALP Academy in Illmitz, Austria, between the 22nd and the 27th October 2012.

The theme for the ESFALP V Academy is "Diversity", diversity of cultures, languages, colors, sounds, methods, ideas and, of course, biodiversity. The main training topics are:
- Planet Earth and Ecological Footprint
- Danube - Europe's lifeline
- Projects and Getting active

Besides training, the Academy is meant to bring together the ESFALP family made up diverse people with a shared passion and motivation to create a future worth living.

Welcome, ESFALP V participants! Good luck and enjoy our year together!

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>>> Monday, 2012-06-11
New call for ESFALP V !
We already started the promotion of the 5th cycle of ESFALP:

Join the international network of schools! Please find detailed information and the application form here:
( PDF-Document, 966,57 kB)

This year, the school environment initiative “European Schools for a Living Planet” was held for the fourth time:

From 31st May to 2nd June 62 teachers and students from 9 countries celebrated the end of their school-projects. Seven months long the 12 to 17 year old pupils worked on their eco-projects addressing the topics “Danube – Europe’s lifeline” and “Ecological Footprint”. They did researches, discussed with decision makers and went on nature expeditions. The project ideas and realization were completely up to the pupils’ creativity. The teachers supported their pupils only as project coaches.

For the concluding event one teacher and one pupil from each project-team travelled to Romania to present their nature conservation activities in a colourful project bazaar. Please click here brosura_wwf_esfalp_web.pdf
( PDF-Document, 8,03 MB)
and read about 33 great environmental projects!

Afterwards four projects have been chosen by the participants themselve. A few members of these project teams now are invited to participate at the nature adventure camp in Romania.

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Milena Andonova @ 2012-06-20 @ 01:23 PM
>>> Friday, 2012-03-23
Waiting for the summer. ESFALP Final Event, May 31st - June 3rd
While 33 teams in 9 countries are doing enthusiastic work on their projects, spring is already here and summer is near.

The project teams are working on the details of the Final Event that will take place in Moieciu de Sus, Romania, between May 31st - June 3rd.

The Final Event is the best time for all ESFALPers to get back together, to share the results of a year's worth of hard work and, of course, to celebrate!

In 2012, we welcome the summer together!

... and here are some forget-me-nots to remind us of our common destination

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Rodica Jardan @ 2012-05-11 @ 04:18 PM
Nice picture, like spring and our wishes...
daniela and palko @ 2012-03-31 @ 07:15 PM
thanks for nice words:-D
we are looking forward for you, all the others, their presentations and of course the time spending together in a nice and cheerful atmosphere!
>>> Tuesday, 2011-12-20
Happy new ACTIVE year!

Dear ESFALP friends and friends of ESFALP firends,

Please receive our

Season's Greetings!

We wish you to enjoy the winter holidays and to gather strength and inspiration for a

Happy new ACTIVE year!

the ESFALP team
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Tsvetanka Todorova @ 2011-12-28 @ 11:57 AM
Dear ESFALP friends! Happy Holidays and have a very successful New Year!
Rodica Jardan @ 2011-12-24 @ 10:16 PM
Happy Holidays and all the best!!!
Aleksandra Danilovic @ 2011-12-21 @ 10:51 AM
Dear ESFALP friends! Thank you for your best wishes.I want you all happy holidays as well as the upcoming Christmas and all the best in the new year. I hope that our team in the new year will be bigger and bigger...
>>> Thursday, 2011-11-24
Message from ESFALP III to the ESFALP IV participants
For the participants ESFALP III meant an intense year with creative projects and many diverse experiences. Because they learned a lot during the process, the ESFALP III participants wanted to share some of their experiences and lessons learned with their successors from ESFALP IV.

The following video features participants in the ESFALP III winners' camp and it is a gift to the ESFALP IV participants.

They say
find a goal and pursue it with perseverence!
be patient!
have fun!
follow your dreams!

But why don't you see the message and discover their advice yourselves?

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Aleksandra Danilovic @ 2011-11-25 @ 12:30 AM
I am leraning to be patient! :)
Jardan Rodica @ 2011-11-24 @ 06:35 PM
Bravo, you are our models!
>>> Tuesday, 2011-10-18
Official beginning of ESFALP IV marked by the Academy in Illmitz, Austria
ESFALP fourth cycle

The program “European Schools for a Living Planet” has reached its fourth year. The 2011-2012 edition received an impressive number of 180 applications from countries across Central-Eastern Europe. It was a very difficult job for the organizers to select the 33 schools that will take part in the program.

Inspiring applications

The motivation letters spoke of bringing change and awareness into local communities, leading by example and making the world a better place. This is the spirit that the organizers wish to have present throughout the program.

ESFALP Academy, 22-27 October

This is the spirit that will govern the ESFALP Academy that will take place between the 22nd and the 27th of October, in Illmitz, Austria. In short, there will be five days with 33 teachers, 33 students and a team of enthusiastic trainers and hosts, there will be learning and there will be surprises and, of course, nature all around.


A warm welcome from the organizers to all participants!

Impressions of the last years´ Academy in October 2010
Until the ESFALP IV history is written, please take a look at following impressions from the ESFALP III starting event:
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robe de cocktail @ 2013-07-01 @ 11:44 PM
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